Speedy Transmission provides additional services including the replacement of Motor Mounts and CV Joint/Axles.

Motor Mounts
Motor Mounts play a vital part in the safety of your vehicle. There are generally three or four, depending on the vehicle, strategically placed surrounding the engine attached with steel brackets. They are made of rubber to buffer the noise of the engine, as well as limit any vibrations from the running motor. If you are feeling excessive shaking or vibration when your engine is operating, that is a clear sign that the motor mounts may need replacement. Visit Speedy Transmission to have our technicians inspect your vehicle today.

CV Joint/Axles
CV Joints allow front-wheel, all-wheel, some rear-wheel drive vehicles to utilize different suspensions while on the same axle between the wheels. They contain a flexible joint that is heavily greased and permits the vehicle's axle to adjust to various road conditions. CV joints eventually wear out due to constant stress. Two signs that your CV Joints or axle may require repair are:

  • Clicking/Ticking noises when turning the wheel while driving
  • Grease on tire edge
  • Excessive shaking/vibration felt in steering wheel while driving

Call Speedy Transmission today at 770-422-0919 to speak with one of our expert technicians if your vehicle is experiencing any of the above trouble signals.