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Signs That Your Car Needs Service

Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop Is Here To Help You in the Metro Atlanta area!

Is my car broken? Sometimes it's hard to know when your car just needs a break and when it needs a transmission specialist. By being proactive when you notice something amiss, you may save yourself a lot of money and trouble by getting it diagnosed early! Our technicians are here to assist you in diagnosing potential vehicle malfunctions.

Do you have good sense? We bet you do! Use your SENSES to determine whether you should bring your car by for one of our professionals to inspect.

Do you FEEL anything out of the ordinary?
Some experiences that customers who have needed an transmission specialist have in common are:
  • Rumble Strips
  • Shuttering
  • Slipping
  • Won't Pass Emissions Test
  • Smell of Burning Fluid

Do you HEAR anything different or unique?
Some common sounds that warrant a visit to your transmission specialist are:
  • Grinding
  • Whining
  • Clunking
  • Banging
  • Whistling

Do you SEE anything new or questionable?
Some common problems you might see are:
  • Check Engine Light
  • Red Fluid leaking or pooling under the vehicle

Stop by Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop located at 850 Sandy Plains Rd, Ste 3 Marietta, GA 30066 or call 770-422-0919 to talk to one of our friendly and professional transmission specialist.

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