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Transmission Care

Transmissions are often neglected as they go unseen. It is important to follow the manufacturer recommendations on servicing your transmission to ensure a longer lifespan.

Things to look out for:

  • Have your vehicles transmission fluid checked regularly.
  • Be aware of noises, these are early warning signs.
  • Check the ground for leaks.
  • Check the ground for leaks.
  • Do not wait too long if your clutch begins to slip (both in a manual or automatic transmission).
  • Grinding noises are serious.
  • Be wary of cheap repair prices, patch artist just cause more problems.
  • Don't use high gear when in mountainous terrain. This causes excessive wear and tear.
  • Avoid repair pitfalls by knowing the facts.

  1. Inspect The Level And Condition Of Fluid

    Make sure you inspect the level and condition of your transmission fluid. This requires removing the oil fill plug from the transmission. Do not do this unless you are mechanically inclined. Often even oil change shops remove the wrong plug and cause serious damage. Look for a professional.

  2. Be Aware Of Any Unusual Noises

    To catch a problem with your transmission before it causes major damage, you should always be aware of any unusual behavior, noises or vibrations from your vehicle and have them checked right away.

  3. Inspect For Leaks

    Inspect beneath your car for leaks. The transmission fluid can be red or dark brown color. Leaks should be addressed quickly. Most warranties (both new and aftermarket) place the responsibility on the owner to maintain the fluid level at proper interval or the claim can be denied.

  4. Spot The Warning Signs

    If you experience any of the following contact Transmission specialist near you.
    • The engine sounds like it's running, but the vehicle doesn't move
    • You hear unusual noises when the vehicle shifts during acceleration
    • You've noticed a fluid under your vehicle
    • Standard transmission is noisy or hard to shift

  5. Worn Clutch Causes Shudder

    If your manual transmission shudders when you shift, if you really have to work to change gears, or if you hear noise, it's time to check it.

  6. Preventive Maintenance

    Your transmission's internal parts enemy is heat, friction and abuse. In fact, nearly nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating, fluid loss and normal wear and tear, simply metal on metal fatigue. Preventive maintenance every 60,000 miles, such as bearing overhaul, is the key to insuring a longer life span of your manual transmission.

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Rebuilt transmission. My car drives like it's new.
, 01/17/2021

Hi all, so back in August I bought a used 03 suburban with 178k on the odometer and was in exellent interior and exterior shape as well mechanically (or so I thought) Within the first week of ownership the transmission was shifting quite hard from 1-2 And after searching around this place came up with good reviews and decided to bring it in for diagnostic, and sadly my good deal purchase was going to need a transmission... Decided to bite the bullet as the rest of truck was really good shape and let this shop rebuild it. I waited to write the review becouse I wanted to see how it did in months of driving and all I can say is this is by far the best experience I've gotten out a rebuild unit (I've had 3 transmissions rebuilt in my lifetime) super smooth and shifting like new!!!! Very happy with results and will recommend this shop to anyone that is need of transmission service. Very professional and very competitive pricing!!!!!!
, 12/31/2020

If you have transmission problems with your Vehicle call Speedy's. I couldn't be more happy with the work they did to my Toyota. Tell them Chaplain Ingle sent you.
, 11/17/2020

reviewiconNot a Hassle
My clutch went out and left me stranded on the side of the road. They were the first ones I called, and they accepted my car without hesitation. They were super friendly and not a hassle to talk to. They got my car done within 2 weeks and it shifts gears like a dream again!
, 10/21/2020

reviewiconA Gem in Marietta
What a gem we have here in Marietta. Kristina and the crew at Speedy are most professional and honest. My 91 VW Jetta is having shifting issues and after seeing such good reviews I decided to give this place a try. Boy I am glad I did. I had already taken this to another shop who gave me an outrageous price to fix without even looking at the car. Speedy took time to diagnose my vehicle and determined it is in need of bushings. They felt another local mechanic was better suited to do this work and pointed me in his direction. Even though they had my VW for two days and used their lift to thoroughly diagnose, they charged me nothing. Businesses like this should be commended and should go far. I will definitely be back when issue warrants and I will shout their name from the rooftops.
, 09/18/2020

reviewiconFriendly Staff
Speedy was helpful and prompt in returning my phone call and following up. Friendly staff.
, 08/24/2020