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Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop Specializes in Import & Foreign Vehicle Service

Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop is a full-service transmission repair and maintenance facility specializing in import and foreign vehicle repairs. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to service and repair the most challenging import and foreign vehicles.

Using the latest technology to assess the situation and offer you alternatives, we guarantee all of our work and know you will be happy with the outcome.

We perform scheduled services for import and foreign vehicles, and provide complete transmission services including diagnostic services, repairs, transmission replacement and custom built transmissions. We have factory level diagnostic equipment and trained technicians.

Import and Foreign Vehicles Serviced at Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop:

Import Repair & Service - Acura"The road will never be the same" Acura is known for producing reliable, economical automobiles. At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop we keep your Acura running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair, and maintenance. Our technicians have experience working on Acuras and use current technology and equipment to help you with all of your Acura's service and repair needs. Read More About Our Acura Services»


Import Repair & Service - Audi"Audi is Truth in Engineering" Audi's provide high performance, state-of-the-art technology, luxury, and comfort. Here at Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop we love Audis as much as you do, and our experienced Audi technicians know these vehicles inside and out. No automotive repair is too big or too small. You can be sure your vehicle will be repaired right the first time. Read More About Our Audi Services»


Import Repair & Service"BMW is the ultimate driving machine" and in order to maintain your machine, we will treat your BMW like the luxury car it is. Our BMW specialists take pride in their work and are committed to providing the personal care and maintenance a BMW needs to perform at optimal levels. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop has the knowledge and quality service your BMW requires!


Import Repair & Service - Honda"The Power of Dreams" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that your Honda is known for safety and performance. Specializing in the service of Honda autos, Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop is committed to providing the personal care and maintenance needed to keep your car performing at its highest level. Our ASE certified technicians have the knowledge and quality service that your Honda deserves! Read More About Our Honda Services»

Import Repair & Service - Hyundai"New Thinking. New Possibilities." Since 1947, Hyundai has been providing quality and innovative vehicles for their drivers. The Hyundai specialists at Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop are constantly educating themselves on the latest technology to be able to service and repair your vehicle. If you bring your Hyundai in we guarantee that our technicians will provide quality service to meet the high standard of your vehicle. Read More About Our Hyundai Services»


Import Repair & Service - Infiniti"Inspired Performance" Infiniti is known for producing performance luxury vehicles. All of the makes and models are built for comfort and drivability. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop's expert technicians are well equipped to be able to service your Infiniti and treat it with the care that it deserves. Bring your Infiniti in today to improve its performance on the road. Read More About Our Infiniti Services»


Import Repair & Service"Go Farther" Isuzu Motors specializes in commercial trucks and diesel engines, and is the industry leader with over 20 million diesel engines worldwide. Over the years, their commercial fleet trucks have proven to their drivers that they are built for performance and reliability. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop's technicians are diesel engine certified and have the knowledge and experience to service and repair your Isuzu vehicle.


Import Repair & Service - Jaguar"Don't dream it. Drive it." Jaguars were designed for performance, and Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop has certified Jaguar specialists who know how to keep your Jaguar running at maximum levels. We keep your Jaguar running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair, and maintenance. Come to the shop you can count on to make sure you can continue to "Unleash your Jaguar." Read More About Our Janguar Services»


Import Repair & Service - Kia"The Power to Surprise" Kia is known for their safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly vehicles. The majority of their makes and models are fuel efficient and have fewer emissions than other vehicles. Kia's main focus is on green technology and fuel consumption with their vehicles. Here at Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we support the latest green technologies and are able to service your Kia vehicle. Read More About Our Kia Services»


Import Repair & Service - Lexus"Pursuit of Perfection" The Lexus automobile is a machine that is well known for its performance and class. If you own a Lexus you understand that you are part of a unique family of luxurious vehicles. The service professionals at Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop will work hard to make sure that your vehicle is taken care of with excellent customer service. Read More About Our Lexus Services»


Import Repair & Service - Mazda"Zoom-Zoom" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that your Mazda is important to you. We will treat your Mazda as if it was our own car and give it the personal care and maintenance needed to keep it performing at its top level. Our ASE certified technicians can provide you with the knowledge and quality service that your Mazda deserves! Read More About Our Mazda Services»


Import Repair & Service - Mercedes-Benz"Engineered To Move The Human Spirit" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that your Mercedes-Benz is the ultimate luxury vehicle and we have the best Mercedes-Benz technicians. Stop taking chances with the luxury vehicle you have worked so hard to get. Our Mercedes-Benz know-how will keep you driving in the maximum lap of luxury. Read More About Our Mercedes-Benz Services»


Import Repair & Service - Mini Cooper"Its a mini adventure" Mini's vehicles are produced to be fuel efficient and fun to drive. The Mini automobiles are small, have a better than average mpg and can now hold up to 5 passengers in the vehicle. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop knows that Mini's should be treated special because they are unique and have their own personality. Our expert technicians have the tools needed to service and repair your Mini. Read More About Our Mini Cooper Services»


Import Repair & Service - Mitsubishi"Wake up and drive" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that your Mitsubishi is known for speed and style. When you get behind the wheel of your Mitsubishi you "wake up and drive", so our certified Mitsubishi specialists keep your vehicle running at maximum levels. Come to the shop you can count on to service your Mitsubishi in style. Read More About Our Mitsubishi Services»


Import Repair & Service - Nissan"Defy Ordinary" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that your Nissan is built with the most cutting-edge technology. We will treat your Nissan as if it was our own car and give it the personal care and maintenance needed to keep it performing at its finest level. Our ASE certified technicians can provide you with the knowledge and quality service that your Nissan deserves! Read More About Our Nissan Services»


Import Repair & Service"Welcome to the state of independence." Saab vehicles have a legacy of being high quality, innovative, and uniquely designed driving machines. Saab's heritage with Scandinavian tradition is all about functionality and high-tech solutions that make your vehicle fun to drive. Saab vehicles use specific parts from their partnership with Orio AB and Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop can get those parts for you!


Import Repair & Service - Scion"What moves you?" Scion is a company that supports and works with motorists who are driven to follow their passion in life. The Scion brand is all about helping people reach their goals in life by working together. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop understands that you are emotionally attached to your vehicle and because of that, they will treat your Scion as if it was their own. Read More About Our Scion Services»


Import Repair & Service - Subaru"Confidence in Motion" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that your Subaru gives you the confidence you need to drive safely. We will treat your Subaru as if it was our own car and give it the personal care and maintenance needed to keep it performing at its prime level. Our ASE certified technicians can provide you with the knowledge and quality service that your Subaru deserves! Read More About Our Subaru Services»


Import Repair & Service"Way of life!" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that you look at your Suzuki as a way of life. We will treat your Suzuki as if it was our own car and give it the personal care and maintenance needed to keep it performing at its best. Our ASE certified technicians can provide you with the knowledge and quality service that your Suzuki deserves!


Import Repair & Service - Toyota"Oh! What a feeling, Toyota!" Here At Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, we understand that your Toyota is all about reliability and performance. We will treat your Toyota as if it was our own car and give it the personal care and maintenance needed to keep it performing at its most ideal level. Our ASE certified technicians can provide you with the knowledge and quality service that your Toyota deserves! Read More About Our Toyota Services»


Import Repair & Service - Volkswagen"Drivers wanted" Volkswagen is for the love of the auto (Das Auto!), and Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop loves to provide reliable Volkswagen repairs. Keep the vehicle you love running smoothly by letting one of our Volkswagen specialists repair your car right. Our ASE Certified technicians have multiple years of Volkswagen repair experience and know what it takes to keep your lovely vehicle moving. Read More About Our Volkswagen Services»


Import Repair & Service - Volvo"Volvo. For life." Volvo was designed around you and is the premier car when it comes to safety. You bought your Volvo with your family's safety in mind and our Volvo specialists provide the auto repairs guaranteed to keep your Volvo performing at peak levels. Our ASE Certified technicians will follow rigorous steps to make sure your Volvo is repaired the right way. Read More About Our Volvo Services»


For questions about your import or foreign vehicle, contact us at 770-422-0919 or send us an email. Our experts will help determine what needs to be done.

Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop Offers Auto Repair Services You Can Count On!

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"We brought in our Jeep grand Cherokee, it was starting out in 3rd gear and had a check engine light for a governor pressure solenoid. Chris test drove it and felt it could be fixed with a new pressure solenoid & sensor with a transmission service. Another shop would not even quote us on this option, told us the transmission had internal damage and needed a complete rebuild for $1895. We were not willing to pay that much and were looking into replacing the vehicle. We brought it to Speedy and got the recommended repairs, there was no internal damage to the transmission, the sensor and solenoid fixed the problem and the transmission is working perfectly! I work in the automotive service industry, I appreciate that they did the needed repairs without trying to upsell based on the age and mileage of the vehicle. Everyone was friendly and professional and I highly recommend them! I refer my customers to them for transmission repairs."

-Mark Brown - Acworth, GA

"I had a great experience. I found them in a Google search. They did everything they said they would. The price didn't exceed their estimate. They paid for me to get home when I pulled my van up in 2nd gear. They were vey friendly through the entire process, from the staff in the front, all the way to the service tech that stayed over 15 minutes so I could get it back a day earlier than they originally thought. Bottom line is they are honest, competitive, and the best out there in an industry full of crooks. Thank you Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop for giving me my livelihood back ahead of schedule."

-Benjamin S.

"Excellent experience! Call Kristina and she will get you right back into gear!"

-Tripp C.

"Integrity and quality service. I highly recommend Kristina and her staff!"

-Matt M.

"Had an amazing experience at Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop. Very affordable and great service!"

-Dana Z.

"5 star! This shop is above any other that I have been to over the years. Kristina and her staff are honest, do quality, reliable work and are pleasant to deal with. I recently had several repairs done on my car and have not been disappointed in any way."

-Britta P

"Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop is the best! I received excellent customer service while they were helping me. They were professional and gave me an honest quote. I highly recommend them!"

-Dana B.

"I have been a vendor for Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop for over 7 years. Kristina, Josh and their staff are the most genuine, honest, hard working people I have met in this business. They put their client needs before their own. They will analyze your situation and only make the necessary recommendation for your transmission. Over the last several years, I have watched this business grow to be the most reputable transmission repair shop in the area. This is a testament to their faith and their focus on helping others. Call them or better yet stop by, once you meet them you will know that you have chosen the right place for you transmission repair needs."

-Jeff H.

"Quality, professional, and dependable service in my time of need. Thanks so much for getting my family back on the road so quickly! Your kindness was so appreciated Kristina and team!! "

-Tanya Wilson - Garner NC

"One of the best car mechanics I've ever worked with. My 2004 VW Passat had what I thought was a bad transmission. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop figured out that it was actually a computer system problem and instead of spending $4000 on a not needed transmission, I spent $1200 on resetting my computer system and replacing some transmission mounts. Needless to say, they were a life saver. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. Very attentive and great customer service, fair pricing, and fast but great work."

-Madeline S.

"Kristina and her team are fabulous! Honest, fair, and fast."


"What a great experience! I recently took my 04 Trailblazer to Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop and I can't say thank you enough to Kristina Magic and Chris. It's so hard nowadays to find good, professional and HONEST people. They are extremely knowledgeable and the price is so reasonable (don't get me wrong, it hurt to pay $2k but it would've been a lot more somewhere else) for the quality of work they do. They were in constant communication with me during the repair; they have this text message system that informs you what stage of the repair your car is in - kudos for that. They stayed within the price range they told me before they took the transmission down even though unexpected additional repairs were needed. I love the fact that they invest in training for their team, as a matter of fact Chris was about to go to Vegas for some additional training. All in all, I would definitely recommend Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop 100%."

-Alberto V.

"Best kept secret in Marietta. Not only do they have a system that auto updates you every step of repair, but it comes with a one year warranty. Josh is AWESOME, ask for him. They also have 1 of the 3 master transmission technicians in Georgia. They definitely know their stuff. They even cut me a break on my transmission repair for Christmas. I am soooo glad that Falcon Towing recommended them. Thanks Josh and Kristina!!! "


"Better customer service you won't find. Quote and work were exactly as stated, done on time and I was kept in the loop on each step via text. I will tell anyone who needs a transmission or transmission work to go see Kristina."

-Lee G.

"LOVE THESE PEOPLE! I admit I was scared to go to any transmission shop because I don't know anything about transmissions so whatever I am told I wouldnt know any better. My car was really acting up and I feared the worst but after these folks diagnosed it they called to say I did not need a new transmission. It was just some electrical thing and they fixed it for $89. Don't think I'll be going anywhere else. They even gave me a ride to work when I dropped it off. Ask for Christina!"

-George L.

"Finding a reputable transmission repair company isn?t an easy task. You can stop your search and put your TRUST with Kristina and Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop. They provided me a free diagnostic, provided a detail estimate once they were able to look at my transmission, and TRUE TO THEIR WORD with NO HIDDEN CHARGES. I?m ecstatic that I have found Kristina and Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop and experienced their ASTONISHING SERVICE and TIMELY REPAIR."

-Rob M.

"This transmission shop is the best place to go if your car's transmission needs repair. Their prices are fair, their team is honest, and their work is complete. "

-Celeste S.

"The best place to get your transmission taking care of, Kristina is the best at making sure you receive quality customer service. She handles everything from informing me of what was being done, to how long it would take. She even contacted the warranty company, so I didn't have to do anything but pay my deductible. The time she told me my car would be ready was right on schedule. Excellent service!!!!!"

-Mack J.

"Kristina is awesome! They replaced the transmission in my mustang after a horrible situation at AAMCO in which I was taken advantage of because of my gender. Kristina coached me on what to say in order to get my car out of AAMCO without having to pay them the ridiculous $750 that they were asking for (for taking my transmission apart without my permission) and it worked. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop took my car in after hours from a tow truck while I was at work, found a transmission for me at a discounted price and had my car ready for me in less than a week! Thanks so much! You guys are the best!"

-Jasmine G.

"I bought a new car with a 30 day limited warranty. I believed there was some kind of transmission issue. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop detected the problem, repaired it, and also took care of all claims that my warranty allowed in a timely, pristine fashion. If you have a transmission issue, I highly recommend them!"

-Kevin R.

"This is a very overdue review. I do apologize to Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop, but most of all to the beautiful people in Georgia and travelers from all places of course. Speedy Trans is not only very professional, knowledgeable,and more than capable of diagnosing and repairing your vehicles. Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop will work with you to give you the best price possible. In our family's experience we saved literally thousands of dollars. We were told a certain price in the beginning; yet due to some unforeseen complications the price went up drastically. Not only was the price originally more than fair, but after I was told about the price accumulation due to the complications I mentioned before, Kristina (owner/operator of Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop) informed me that not only would she keep to the original price that she had given me, but that to take care of the difference, she would take up the rest of the financial burden. Kristina also decided to upgrade some things on the motor home's transmission computer for free since they already had it down. Honestly of all that I have mentioned so far I personally don't think you can easily find this combination anywhere! And after all of this review the real reason our family and friends would undoubtedly go to Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop is due to the unbelievably great people that make up the Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop family. I know it's a long review ,but I also know how important it is to pick the right shop to trust and put your faith in. As far as I'm concerned, Kristina and her families (her own family and the shop ) were a true GOD send during the week of Christmas and New Year's when a family from Chicago was stranded in Atlanta on their way to Miami. At a time when everyone around us was taking advantage of us due to our situation, GOD sent us to Kristina who not only gave us hope, but was the best Christmas gift ever to this day. Not having the right equipment for a 31' motor home, they went out of their way to help us. My childrens' birthdays were also in the first week of January which Kristina also went out of her way to get them presents. Every year after my mother's diagnosis of cancer I try to take her to Miami as a personal promise for her fight; yet as a result of our great experience with the Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop family we have added a special stop by the shop as our new tradition, because at least for the Delgado family they have earned such respect. I truly believe that they will also instill their best for you; being that it is in their nature to be more than only a shop. You can't go wrong choosing Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop. Thank You again Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop from the Delgado family. "

-Hector D.