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How and why? Speedy Marietta-Transmission Shop

Kristina MagicBeing a female shop owner, not a day that goes by that someone doesn't ask me how I ended up in the Transmission Business. "I love it!" I truly mean that, I look forward to coming to work every day.

Speedy CustomerWe have an amazing team that is like family to me (yes we laugh, and argue just like family, and at the end of the day we strive for the same goal- serve our customers and take care of our families). We love the interaction with our community- our customers are the reason we are here, we are also supported by a team of quality vendors.

We strive to get our customers vehicle on the road so that they can get back to their life.

We are faced with industry challenges, competition and finding quality team members . We are committed to continued education, training, hiring the right people, and investing in quality parts and diagnostic equipment in efforts to take excellent care of our customers. It's an ongoing process and we are intentional about improving.

The transmission business allows us to fulfill our mission of serving our community and taking care of our families. There are a lot of advantages to working with a small locally owned business. Everyone we encounter has a story.

I assure you I did not grow up as a little girl thinking I would own a transmission shop. My daughter and I moved to Georgia from Ohio in April of 2000. A series of lay-offs in the telecom industry and poor financial planning on my part took me to a low point. A good friend of mine recommended that I take the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. It was life changing! After taking the course I knew I needed to do something different. I am thankful to my family who helped with my daughter when we initially moved to Georgia.

I was working 2 jobs when an acquaintance that I had met had a Transmission shop in Marietta that had been sitting empty for several months. The short story of it is that I was asked if I had an interest in selling Transmissions. I did not even know what a transmission did!! BUT, I did not have a full time job, I had someone who was willing to teach me and I was willing to learn something new.

We built our business on quality employees, we hosted community BBQ events and invited the local shops, we went out and starting networking and building a quality reputation in the community one relationship at a time.

Having just become debt free, I realized the value in repairing transmissions. I am passionate about helping people make a good financial choice to fix their vehicle when it makes sense.

Looking back I realize that having a strong faith, good people to rely on and a tenacious spirit is the very reason we were able to overcome. One of those people was a very successful friend of mine and recommended that I read two excellent books (Good to Great and E-Myth). Having no previous knowledge about transmissions, yet having a significant amount of sales and service training I realized it is all about people and relationships.

Thank you for taking your time to learn a little bit about who we are!

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