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October 2018

How Do The Seasons Affect Your Transmission?

Just as cold temperatures have you reaching for a coat in the winter and warmer temperatures motivate you to wear shorts in the summer, your car's transmission also feels the effects of seasonal changes. A good rule of thumb is when you start to feel the necessity to adjust your home's thermostat for the season, it's also a good time to have your car's transmission checked by a Speedy Marietta Transmission expert to ensure it's ready for the coming season.

When the weather is super-hot outside, everything under your car's hood can heat up faster including your transmission. This is especially true if you drive through heavy stop and go traffic every day like we do here in Atlanta. Transmission fluid serves two very important functions for your car's transmission. First, it lubricates to ensure that the parts move smoothly. The second, and equally important function it serves, is temperature control.

The best way to ensure your car's transmission doesn't overheat in warm weather is to make sure the transmission fluid is the type specified by the manufacturer for your vehicle, that the level is adequate and that there are no leaks. It should also be clean and free of sludge and worn bits of metal debris that can result over time from the friction created by moving gears. Though it's true the fluid will likely only need to be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, evaluating the fluid for level, color and viscosity is important to do at regular intervals between fluid changes. Catching any problems early will save you money and trouble in the long run. Also, keeping your car's coolant level full and refreshed will have a positive effect on engine and transmission temperature.

While warm weather contributes to certain issues with your car's transmission, cold weather can have its own impact. Cold weather causes the parts of the transmission to contract and sometimes the gears can freeze which leads to slipping. Cold temperatures cause the fluid to thicken which means it can't move around as freely to do its job. If the fluid is thick due to the weather or full of sludge, the pressure to move it may result in leakage or broken seals.

If possible, it's always best to keep your car in a garage in the winter. But whether garage kept or not, allowing the vehicle's engine to warm up before taking off will help the gears functional normally without the slipping that can be caused by the contraction of the gears.

And remember, anytime you smell a burning odor, see red or brownish-red fluid that appears to be leaking from your car or feel jerking or slipping when you change gears, you should bring your car into Speedy Marietta Transmission for a free diagnostic to be certain you don't cause further damage to your transmission. We offer 75 years of combined experience and work on all makes and models. It's easy and convenient to book your appointment today on our online system!

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