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April 2018

5 Common Mistakes Can Ruin Your Transmisson

Save Your TransmissionIt's so easy to forget that under the hood of our car is an integral part of keeping us on the road. In order for your transmission to run as well as it should, it's important to keep up with your regularly scheduled maintenance.

It's not necessary to constantly focus on your transmission every minute, or check under the hood daily, but when you follow manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance, your transmission will get regular check-ups which can alert you to any problems. Each manufacturer and transmission type will have different maintenance requirements on different schedules. However, there are five common things most people forget.

Not Regularly Servicing Transmission
It is important to have your transmission serviced every so often to avoid dirt and grind in your transmission. You don't skip regular checkups with your doctor or dentist right? Why would you skip them for your car? We suggest bringing it in and having one of our certified transmission professionals at Speedy Marietta take a look at it every 30,000 to 60,000 miles to ensure nothing major is going on.

Low Transmission Fluid
We don't often think about checking the level of transmission fluid which leads to this being one of the most common transmission problems. Transmission fluid is an important step in helping transmissions run for a longer period of time. The proper amount of transmission fluid keeps your transmission well lubricated, provides adequate fluid pressure, and keeps the transmission cool. If you do not have each of these, the temperature will run higher leading to excessive heat which can ruin automatic transmissions.

Incorrect Transmission Fluid
Just like manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules, there are guidelines for appropriate transmission fluid, gasoline, and tire pressure. Each one is important to your vehicle. If you are not using the correct type of transmission fluid it could be as bad as running low. It's easy to think that it doesn't matter what type of fluid you use, but that is far from the truth because different types of transmission fluids have different levels of viscosity and additives. Do your research regarding what kind of fluid you need or call the experts at Speedy Marietta. We are in business to ensure your transmission is in tip top shape.

Don't Ignore Problems
If your car is making unusual noise or something doesn't seem quite right, this is a sign that something could be wrong. It's never a good idea to ignore warning signs. The life of your transmission can be drastically shortened if you do not take immediate precautions and get your transmission checked out. It's not worth the risk of ruining your transmission or ending up with a more expensive repair because you waited.

Overheated Transmission are Never Good
Do you worry when your child has a fever? Using that analogy, what if your transmission has a "fever"? Even a few degrees warmer than the transmission should be is a bad sign requiring immediate attention. Statistically, 90% of transmission problems stem from overheating which is easily preventable. Changing out your transmission fluid can help prevent overheating.

Following these five simple steps can help extend the life of your transmission and keep your car in working order for as long as possible.

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